Vickie Meier(non-registered)
Hi I was just reading my son's photography blog and he mentioned visiting with you while in Colorado doing what he loves best--photography! I feel that he is amazing. He mentioned that he thought that your work was amazing for I had to have a look. He is right! thank you for allowing us to see your work. take care and if in Iowa stop and visit.
Oh by the way my son is Joshua Meier Tipton, IA
Nancy Keleher(non-registered)
Loved meeting you out on one of your shoots. Little did my husband or I know what talent you really have other than admiring your equipment. Keep it up and forgive the images I sent you LOL but do use them as motivation to photograph the beautiful spots of CNY (and Adirondack Mountains)
Nora Danielson(non-registered)
The photos are interesting - some - breathtaking!

Who would have thought, my life-long passion & hobby has been photography for over 50 years!

I was curious as to the young man with the same name as my son. I guess you are a real person after all. ;- } and the photos are really yours!

Best regards and good wishes in all your endeavors.
Elliott Strom(non-registered)
I found your work on Etsy and then came to your site. Really like your images and some of the unique perspectives you have.
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